Weight Loss 5×5®

5 Steps 5 Weeks at at time

1.  Eat wholesome food and drink clean water

2.  Balance blood sugar

3.  Balance rest, stress and exercise

4.  Get great coaching

5.  Measure success

Physician developed and directed Personalized Lifestyle Training for a healthier you!

Weight Loss 5×5® is a comprehensive, science-based Lifestyle Medicine program, designed by a physician with the goal of reducing body fat while maintaining lean body mass. This program provides an individualized plan, including wholesome food choices, a customized exercise prescription, stress management tools, natural optimization of sleep quality, and weekly coaching sessions, shopping list and recipes to assist you as you navigate through healthy changes to create a more vibrant, healthier you.

Why does it work?
The Weight Loss 5×5® program is designed to create a healing, anti-inflammatory internal environment in your body, through balanced blood sugar, reduced insulin levels, identification of possible food sensitivities, and excellent natural nutrition. This combination of effects encourages fat burning, reduced signs and symptoms of many inflammatory diseases (such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, elevated cholesterol, and many others), and optimal levels of macro- and micro-nutrients to maximize the body’s ability to heal itself and restore homeostasis. Weight loss occurs almost as a side effect! As an integral part of the program, regular body composition analysis is performed using bioimpedence analysis, to monitor fat and lean body mass and fluid balance.

What kind of results can I expect?
Results depend upon such things as the sex and age of the individual, pre-existing medical conditions and medications, activity level, sleep quality, stress level, and of course, compliance with the program. With consistent application, however, virtually anyone can lose weight and improve their health- at any age!

How do I participate?
For additional information and to get started, please call our office at 410-224-4446.
We will assist you in scheduling an appointment with Dr. Sutter to determine the programs appropriateness for you, as well as to obtain baseline laboratory tests, review your medical history, and initialize your exercise prescription. After that, the next step is to schedule your intake visit with your Weight Loss 5×5® Coach.

Weight Loss 5x5