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Hourly Nutritional Consultation  A personalized assessment of your dietary habits and health goals, expert guidance on portion control and making healthier food choices, optional food sensitivity testing

Hourly Fitness Coaching  Meet with our coach to discuss your fitness routine or to start a new one with a personalized exercise prescription or, review specific exercises prescribed by Dr. Sutter

Main Courses

Weight Loss 5×5®  Promotes weight loss through a lifestyle management and education system with coaching and detailed food guidelines; it is highly structured for accountability and success (discount available if previously completed)

Wellness Kickstart  4 sessions of nutritional counseling over 8 weeks, weekly weigh-ins and measurements, body composition to be done on the 1st and 8th visit, supplement package included when approved by the provider, selected from the list below

Prolon® A fasting mimicking program completed over a 5-day period with pre-packaged food and all you need to complete the 5-day program

Supplement Sides

Berberine  For glucose regulation

Metabolic Daily Probiotic or GLP-1 Probiotic  Designed to reduce cravings, increase satiety and shown to increase GLP-1 naturally

Lipo-MIC Injections  A blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals; these components are believed to enhance the body’s ability to metabolize and eliminate fat

B12 Injections  Can boost energy and are essential for the health of your skin, hair and nails



All nutrition programs are personalized so please call Whitney or Katie to discuss which option(s) will be best for you.  Each of these items is priced individually.

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