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Vibrant Food Testing

Vibrant Food Sensitivity

Vibrant Food Sensitivity is an array of 209 commonly consumed food antigens which offers very specific antibody-to-antigen recognition. This panel offers the options to measure an individual’s IgG, IgA, IgG subclass 4, and C3d reactivity to food antigens. Being able to test IgA antibodies provides additional information to foods that may be causing mucosal damage. Additionally, this test is ideal for patients who might be suffering from delayed reactions to certain foods. Using an antibody-based food sensitivity test can help prioritize the necessary foods to eliminate and create a customized diet plan around the patient’s specific needs.

Wheat Zoomer

Wheat Zoomer™

The Wheat Zoomer™ aids in the specific recognition of antibodies to wheat peptides – including gluten and non-gluten components, along with antibodies that indicate the presence of intestinal permeability. It is also a highly sensitive peptide-based array designed to detect autoimmune reactions to gluten.

Gut Zoomer Testing

Gut Zoomer Testing

The gut microbiome resides in your large intestine and is host to more than 1000 species of bacteria that perform certain important functions from shaping the immune system to influencing metabolism of nutrients to fortifying the intestinal mucosal barrier (gut barrier).

It is important to know the abundances of the bacteria that symbiotically live in the human gastrointestinal tract because imbalances in the gut microbiome may lead to gastrointestinal symptoms, skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, immune system imbalances, and multiple inflammatory disorders.

Vibrant uses a proprietary microarray hybridization technology platform, using the whole-genome data to simultaneously detect over 300 microorganisms with 99% specificity and 98% sensitivity, unheard-of levels of accuracy in the detection of pathogenic microorganisms. Because Vibrant does not use sequencing technology, which is time-consuming and prone to high levels of inaccuracy, the Gut Zoomer is the most accurate microbiome test available to aid discerning healthcare providers in the assessment and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.



BrainSpan empowers individuals to understand and take responsibility for creating the optimal biological foundation necessary to reach their potential. More specifically, the personal BrainSpan report provides a combination of nutritional and functional metrics that offer insights into accessing and leveraging the true potential and power of the human brain.

Optimizing these markers through lifestyle and dietary choices is also critical for building resilience to the functional decline associated with aging and stress. Furthermore, when retesting, engagement and commitment are driven through the progress tracking features. There is no easier way to get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the essential ingredients determined by our daily choices for living the best life possible.

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