Nutritional Supplements

The best way to get the necessary nutrients in your diet is to eat real food.  However, many of us are unable to get all of our recommended, let alone therapeutic, levels of daily nutrients just from our diet so we frequently recommend supplementation to get you feeling better faster. 

Why should I consider taking supplement?
Even with the best of intentions, obtaining the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day can be a challenge, leaving gaps in our daily requirements.  In addition, many individuals suffer from conditions which current research has suggested can be improved with the addition of certain nutritional supplements to the diet.  Part of the appeal of nutritional supplements is that they can provide a drug-free/low risk option to support many medical conditions.  The products we offer provide the highest quality dose delivery, process, and potency available on the market today.  Ask your practitioner for guidance as to which supplements may be of benefit to you.

What conditions could pharmaceutical grade supplements help with?
In addition to nutrient supplementation for basic daily needs, the products we offer may be indicated for issues such as joint discomfort, fatigue, poor sleep quality, radiculopathy, nerve or muscle pain or chronic stress, just to name a few.

Why use pharmaceutical grade supplements over store brands of supplements?
Not all supplements are the same.  Many contain unnecessary fillers, heavy metals, or other possibly toxic chemicals, and may contain ingredients that are different either in quantity or quality from what is indicated on the label.  All of the supplements we offer are formulated with only the purest of raw materials that meet or exceed current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) quality standards. Each lot is tested for quality and purity before, during and after manufacture to assure you that what appears on the label is what is in the container.

Because nutrient imbalances and specific needs vary widely among individuals and depend upon age, activity level, medical issues, family history and prescribed medications, among other things.  It is wise to let an educated health care practitioner provide recommendations for supplementation (rather than a store clerk or the internet!).

Are the supplements you offer bioavailable (i.e. are they absorbed so the body can easily use them)?
Bioavailability is a key feature of our supplements.  Any minerals used are “chelated” to enable the body to optimally absorb them.  Our suppliers utilize many different delivery methods (e.g. gel caps, vegetarian gelatin capsules, sublingual tablets, easily dissolved powders), depending upon the specific nutrient, to ensure maximum potency, absorption and convenience.

We are dedicated to improving each patient’s overall health and optimum wellness!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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