Diet drinks not ‘diet’ after all

Diet drinks not ‘diet’ after all

From soft drinks to white bread, almost everything on the menu seems to contain sugar. Although “diet” drinks have been promoted as a healthful alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages, researchers now argue this is not the case. Diet drinks may not promote weight loss, a new review shows. There are currently numerous campaigns trying to raise […] Read More...

Study links nutrition to brain health and intelligence in older adults*

Published: Thursday 15 December 2016 A study of older adults links consumption of a pigment found in leafy greens to the preservation of “crystallized intelligence,” the ability to use the skills and knowledge one has acquired over a lifetime. The study is reported in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience. Lutein (LOO-teen) is one of […] Read More...

Beef vs. bugs: Which is most nutritious?

As the importance of sustainability becomes clearer, the “bug or beef” debate is likely to grow in volume.  If farming and fishing are not sustainable… Continue reading Read More...

Chronic Pain Improves with a Healthy, Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Could the foods you’re eating be contributing to your inflammation and chronic pain?  Perhaps you’ve been eating what’s referred to as the Western diet, which tends to be much heavier in refined carbohydrates and saturated fat than in protein and vegetables. Studies have shown this to be a major contributor to inflammation, chronic pain, and […] Read More...

Weight Loss GPS

Losing weight can be a frustrating prospect.  Recently a patient in our weight loss program came in discouraged after gaining weight while exercising and eating right!  Addressing this perception of failure is critical to long term success.  I say perception because while the scale said she was up 2 pounds, she had actually lost 5 […] Read More...

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