Shared Stories

Patient: Kathy
“I have multi-level cervical spondylosis and am not a good candidate for operative intervention. In addition to this, I have knee pain after having had some knee surgery. I was referred to Thomas Ducker, MD (Annapolis Neurosurgery) and he referred me to Dr. Sutter. I [now] receive injections monthly [from Dr. Sutter] which give me tremendous relief from the migraines and unbearable neck pain that I [was having] on a daily basis. I am also treated for my knee pain. I know without Dr. Sutter I would be on pain medication on a daily basis. Without Dr. Sutter’s help and understanding, since surgery is not an option for me, I feel that I would not be able to function without pain medication, which is not how I want to live my life because I work a full time and part time job, [and] have a wonderful family that I love to spend quality time with. With his guidance I have learned to control the pain that I have.”

Patient: Sue
“I woke up one morning and could barely move. I was in so much pain in every joint. If I didn’t move, the pain wasn’t as intense. I couldn’t live without moving so I began taking muscle relaxers and Aleve. After about two weeks with no change, I went to my primary care physician. She said maybe I had rheumatoid arthritis and sent me to a specialist. After doing blood work, he told me I didn’t have arthritis and said there was nothing he could do for me. I was on my own. I remembered Dr. Sutter because my daughter had seen him. Six months after my initial pain, I saw Dr. Sutter. That was May of 2006. I have been going to him ever since. I told him I was taking care of my granddaughter and dealing with my father-in-law who had dementia. I wasn’t sleeping much, and definitely wasn’t eating right. He said I had basically depleted my adrenal glands from stress. I began to eat better, sleep better and work out consistently. I received trigger point injections every two weeks and then every month as I got better. I also started on a vitamin regimen with him. I feel very good. I take no meds. The only thing I do take is my vitamins. I am pain free. I work out with weights 3 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week. I eat breakfast each morning and have slowly changed to eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I have tried to cut out junk food. I see Dr. Sutter usually every month just for a ‘tune up’, injections at my trigger points. As long as I eat right and workout, I feel good. It does take work and commitment, but it is definitely worth it.”

Patient: Carrol
“[I had been experiencing] pain due to structural changes from multiple fusions with hardware in cervical and thoracic vertebrae as a result of [an] auto accident in 2005. I heard about Dr. Sutter through Dr. Perchanco in 2006-7. [Dr. Sutter helped me with] relief of pain initially, then relief of chronic severe pain. [I now have] improved quality of function due to pain relief. [Dr. Sutter] greatly improved my daily function and management of chronic and severe pain with trigger point shots and supplementation.”

Patient: Judy
“[I was having] arthritis-type symptoms – no real diagnosis until I met Dr. Sutter. Originally, [I] was a patient of Lauren Mayer’s. She moved into Dr. Sutter’s office and I found out about him. [He has helped me with] so many things! He began by diagnosing my gluten intolerance. Changed my life!!! [He] also helped manage my arthritis thru nutritional supplements. His practice, his staff and all that is available thru his office has been life-changing for me. [It has been] such an educational experience. Love how I feel, physically and mentally and with NO meds, only supplements. You all know I love you☺”

Patient: Diana
“Prior to consulting Dr. Sutter, I suffered from chronic pain, had had horseback riding and car accidents, and underwent many surgeries. After developing multiple blood clots in both lungs in 2007, my weight eventually rose to over 200 lbs. My more recent diagnoses included hypertension, high cholesterol, COPD, elevated heart rate, pre-diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, hereditary muscle tremor, and mild hereditary chronic anemia. I was typically on many medications, sometimes over 10 at a time from various doctors. Even when young and thin, I never felt well or had energy and stamina, and perspired profusely upon little exertion.
In 2011, at age 63, I underwent knee replacement surgery and a series of steroid injections for severe back pain. While my new knee was a great improvement, I had to use a walker with a seat or an electric cart to go any distance because of shortness of breath and back pain. I was feeling pretty hopeless and depressed. I began physical therapy in 2012 with an excellent physical therapist who told me about Dr. Sutter. After attending a presentation in Dr. Sutter’s office, I decided to try his integrative approach.
His weight loss program alone was life changing. The guidance and support provided by his staff made the transition to healthier food choices easier. After only a few weeks, my shortness of breath, pain levels, and stomach problems started to improve. Over time, several food sensitivities were identified, medications were stopped or lessened and I ultimately lost over 50 lbs. My blood pressure and glucose levels normalized, while my Body Mass Index is under 25, and my cholesterol numbers dropped significantly. In addition, Dr. Sutter identified adrenal fatigue and put me on the proper supplements and vitamins. He also provides non-steroidal injections that help me with residual pain.
While I still have challenges, I feel better at 65 than ever in many ways. I donated my walker to a local church. Simple tasks, such as washing dishes or showering, aren’t overwhelming anymore. I walk regularly with ease and participate in an exercise program. I tolerate summer temperatures better and don’t perspire nearly as much as before. It’s fun to shop for clothes now and I see a younger, more joyful person in the mirror. I attend my grandchildren’s activities, and have started traveling again without fear or dread. I didn’t get my old life back. Instead, I discovered a life I had never experienced before or ever dreamed was possible. I’ve even been caught on occasion by my amused husband dancing around the kitchen to a ‘golden oldie.’ I am so grateful and truly excited to see what the future holds for me.”

Patient: Joseph
“[I suffer from] spinal stenosis, narrowing of several discs, cervical and lumbar, and CIDP [Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy]. [I heard about Dr. Sutter from] two physicians: Dr. Jon Lowe and Dr. Kerry Thompson. Both referred to him as the “physician doctors go to.” [Dr. Sutter helped me by] understanding my conditions, the importance of supplements and diet, and injection therapy to relieve pain. [He has enriched my life by giving me] a better understanding of what is wrong and what to expect. His early diagnosis of a “nervous disorder” [resulting in a] referral to Dr. Brian Sullivan, neurologist, was critical. As a result, I am being treated for CIDP and responding well. He is refreshingly easy to talk to and a true “listener.”

Patient: Charon
“The symptoms were: constant pain, whether sitting, standing or walking (at times every step was agony). The first diagnosis was the right leg hamstring. A further diagnosis revealed that I had somehow injured the muscles in my right buttocks and was having residual pain/problems down the right leg. It was later determined that I had injured my hip as well, inflaming the tendons and ligaments. The symptoms continued and I started to really hurt in the right hip, so finally I was referred to Dr. Sutter. Other doctors were unable to help further and surgery was not an option for my condition. I was referred to Dr. Sutter by Dr. Paul King at Anne Arundel Orthopedic Surgeons in Annapolis. Dr. Sutter helped me the most by getting me to the point that I could walk again for considerable distances without ‘paying for it later’ in pain. Being unable to walk (in my late 40’s), something that we all take for granted, is life changing.”

Patient: Cathy
“[My symptoms and diagnosis are] chronic back, neck and hip pain. I have scoliosis, history of ruptured lumbar discs and osteoarthritis. [I heard about Dr. Sutter because] my husband had been referred to Dr. Sutter and had excellent results. [He helped me the most with] pain management, overall improved functions due to the use of supplements, and improved quality of life. [I am] able to walk again without the use of a cane. He has improved the quality of my life by enabling me to continue to work, enjoy my hobbies including gardening, cooking and playing with my grandchildren. I travel as a part of working and I am able to walk in the airport without pain and discomfort.”

Patient:  Cindra                                                                                                                              “I was extremely overweight, and had a fallen right arch that went untreated for 1-1/2 years, causing bursitis in my hip and acute inflammation of a tendon running from my hip to the sole of my foot.   A co-worker joined the 5×5 [Weight Loss Program] and was tremendously successful.  I went to him [Dr. Sutter] for the weight loss but his treatment to my right side is what gave me a new lease on life.  The injections [by Dr. Sutter] to my right side were healing and restored me to an active lifestyle.  The [5×5] weight loss program opened my eyes to a new philosophy about food and how the body responds to different food groups.  The 5×5 Program has given me the opportunity to shed the weight, and above all find a lifestyle that allows me to keep the weight off and enjoy life as a healthier person.”

Patient:  Nina

“I suffer from chronic pain – mostly in my lower back – caused by repeated back surgeries and revisions.  I was referred to Dr. Sutter by Dr. Faust, my first back surgeon as an adult.  Dr. Sutter has been, first and foremost, my “watchdog.”  As I continue to require prescription medication, he has always kept me up to date on those.  He has also been able to refer me to other modalities and practitioners when required.  Without the shots that I receive [from Dr. Sutter], I would not be able to continue doing the things that I enjoy the most – spending time with my grandchildren and making quilts.  The shots, in combination with several prescription medications, have allowed me to have a life.”

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