Tips & Hints

Plan your menus a week at a time and try to minimize trips to the grocery store.  This will reduce impulse purchases, which often consist of “junk food”.

Never grocery shop on an empty stomach (for same reason as above).

For occasional treats, e.g. pizza, ice cream, burgers & fries (which, by the way, should be VERY rare occasions!) – go out; do not bring this type of food into the house, to eliminate the issue of leftovers.

When eating out:  Ask the waiter not to bring a bread basket;  drink water or tea with your meal (or sparkling mineral water with a twist of lime); request a double serving of veggies instead of a starch with your entrée;  avoid entrees that come with sauce; have a fresh berry cup (no sauce!) for dessert, or just coffee.  Also, sometimes a salad and an appetizer (carefully chosen!) is plenty of food, rather than selecting from the main courses.  A small protein shake just before leaving the house can help to prevent over-ordering.  Request a “doggie bag” at the beginning of your meal, and immediately pack up ½ for tomorrow’s lunch.  Restaurant servings are notoriously oversized!  Your money will go farther, and your waistline will thank you!  Preview the restaurant menu online before leaving home, if possible, so that you know ahead of time what you will order.



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