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“Dear Dr. Sutter,
I am writing this letter to tell you about the beneficial change in my life that I have achieved from your nutrition and exercise program. When your practice manager, Linda Showalter, first told me that your program could help with weight loss and lower back pain, I was somewhat skeptical. On my first visit, you advised me that with a new diet, a series of stretches and an increased exercise program, I could expect to lose weight, reduce back pain and eliminate several over the counter and prescription medications, and I was more skeptical. After my first visit with Elaine Signorini, your RN nutrition advisor, I was not sure that I could exist on, essentially, protein and vegetables. Having now completed the first two steps of the program and entered into the maintenance phase, I am pleased to advise that I am within 4.5 pounds of my goal and am still losing weight. I have lost 5 inches in my waist and more than 5 percentage points of body fat. I have eliminated or reduced the dosage on 5 different medications, my lower back pain is dramatically reduced and I feel terrific. I am also committed to the new diet. Having seen the benefits of eliminating dairy, sugar and breads from my diet, I no longer crave them and, in fact, know that if I do eat them, I will not feel well. Elaine has been tremendously informative and supportive. She has a wonderful, caring manner and provides me with solid scientific advice combined with practical suggestions. I have referred several people to your practice and will continue to do so. You have effected a lifestyle change for me and for that I thank you.”

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